Axtell Fight Song

Axtell Fight, Axtell Fight

For its Axtell that we love best

Axtell Fight, Axtell Fight

For its push over one more win

Axtell fight, Axtell F-I-G-H-T

For its Axtell that we love best

Hail, Hail, the gang’s all here

And it’s good bye to all the rest

Yea Red, Yea White, Yea Longhorns

Fight, Fight, Fight

Welcome to Axtell Elementary School

Axtell Elementary, looking to the future, desires to prepare its students for active participation in the twenty-first century. We as educators feel that it is the duty of the educational system to promote the realization of every student’s potential. Believing that education does not end with graduation, it is necessary to develop life-long learning skills. Axtell ISD will provide each student with a great educational experience that creates engaged problem-solvers who are ethical citizens and possess an entrepreneurial spirit.

Axtell Elementary School Hours:

Doors open 7:20

Breakfast served 7:20 - 7:50

School day 7:55 - 3:30

Tardy 8:10

Car riders dismiss 3:25